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I have been financially impacted due to COVID-19 – How can I pay?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption and distress for many people across the UK. For those who have found their income has been impacted, either reduced or stopped completely, it has led to even further distress trying to continue paying their bills.

We are talking to customers in this situation to understand the best option for them regarding their car insurance. If you are impacted, please get in touch via our online chat for us to understand your specific circumstances.

We will talk you through the options available to you. Hedgehog will look to provide a workable option for you without risking your financial state. If you prefer you can give us permission to talk to a relative or friend about your policy.

Please don't cancel your direct debit before discussing your policy with us.

Canceling payments without speaking to us first can result in you losing any options we have to help you now and your policy could be canceled. Please get in touch with us by online chat, if you do email us please put in the subject title mention of the word COVID-19 or Coronavirus to help us identify urgent emails.

You can find lots more advice online with Citizens Advice Bureau, Money Advice Service, and National Debtline.

How do I send you proof of my No Claims Discount entitlement?

The quickest way for your No Claims Discount proof to be checked by us is to upload your proof via the Your Account customer area. You have a maximum of 10 days after the start of your policy to send us valid proof of your no claims entitlement.

Am I covered to drive other cars under my Hedgehog policy?

You can check if you have this cover on your policy by logging into the Your Account area, opening your Policy Certificate in Documents and checking section 5. If you have the Driving Other Cars Extension you will see the statement "The Policyholder may also drive a Motor Car not belonging to him/her and not hired under a hire purchase agreement.". As a Hedgehog policyholder with Comprehensive cover, you are can drive other cars not belonging to you but only on a third party only basis, providing you meet certain conditions. You're covered while driving any other car only if all the following apply:

  1. You must be aged 25 or over (at the start of the policy) to qualify for the driving other cars extension.
  2. You're driving with the owner’s permission.
  3. You're not entitled to make a claim for the damage under any other policy of insurance.
  4. The car's not owned by (or hired under a hire purchase agreement by or leased to) you or your partner.
  5. The car is being driven in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
  6. However, as our driving other cars cover is restricted to Third Party only, you might want to consider adding yourself as a driver on the other cars policy.

How do I make a change to my policy?

You can make changes to your policy such as changing the car, drivers, address and use of the vehicle via the Your Account customer area.

How do I download my proof of no claims discount earned with Hedgehog?

Your proof of No Claims Discount earned as a Hedgehog policyholder can be downloaded after your policy has either cancelled or lapsed at renewal. To download your No Claims Entitlement proof log in here.

How do I cancel my cover with Hedgehog?

To cancel an optional extra or your policy in full, you can log into the Your Account and do this. When you click cancel you will be shown the fees, any outstanding money you may owe or any refund due before you commit to cancelling your policy. Please read that page carefully as we cannot undo a policy cancellation. Refunds can take up to 10 working days to reach your account.

How do I manage my renewal?

You can change your renewal settings via the Your Account customer area. If the renewal of your policy has already started, please use our online chat option to discuss this with our Customer Service team.

Does my policy cover me or any additional drivers for voluntary work as a Community First Responder or an NHS Volunteer Responders?

Yes, all of the "Classes of Use" we provide include cover for voluntary driving. You don't have to tell us about participation in voluntary driving provided the only expense claimed is a mileage allowance that does not exceed the HMRC mileage rates in force at the time.

On the understanding that a community first responder answers calls under normal road conditions, and does not have the authority to drive under emergency conditions, our policy will cover this voluntary driving.

We are also happy for medical equipment and oxygen to be carried in the insured vehicle in connection with this voluntary work.

If you need further help

Customer Service

Email Customer Service via [email protected] or for urgent questions you can chat to us via online chat

Claims Team

Email Claims via [email protected] or visit the claims page here.

Our Customer Service Advisors and Claims Handlers are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:30pm (excluding bank holidays). You can also report a claim 24/7.