Fighting fraud

We are committed to protecting the honest motorists, and by doing so deliver the best prices to our customers.

We take our responsibility to tackle insurance fraud very seriously, and we go to great lengths to try to identify fraud wherever it is committed, investigating every case thoroughly, and take whatever action is needed to ensure that people do not benefit from committing fraud.

We use a number of industry databases, as well as (in some circumstances) requesting additional information from our customers, to ensure that all people that are applying for our products are who they say they are and are disclosing their correct risks details, in order to take out insurance with us.

We also use these databases at claims stage to ensure that all claims are genuine and the amount being claimed is not exaggerated.

By doing this we can provide competitively priced products on the best possible terms for our customers and reduce the need for your premiums to subsidise those who are not as honest.

If you want to report insurance fraud, please visit the Insurance Fraud Bureau or report a fraudster through the Cheatline, via Insurance Fraud Bureau Cheatline.