How Hedgehog can help
We want to make sure everyone who wants to use Hedgehog is able to. Hedgehog is a fully online insurance company and the way we help customers is through online self-serve, online chat and email. We don’t offer a traditional contact centre for you to call.

Instead, you can view your documents. update your policy online, check your renewal or even cancel your policy - all online 24/7!

Making our website work for you
Our website works with all common internet browsers. This gives you the option to resize the text, change the font and colours used. You can read about more helpful ways to customise your website browsing through the 'My Computer My Way' website.

Reading your documents
You can open and view your documents online via PDF - this allows you to change the text size to suit you. Whilst we urge customers to not waste paper by printing themselves or by us doing it for you - you can order larger print versions. To do this email [email protected] or via our online chat.

We want you to know what we are talking about
Being understood is important - not only when you talk to us but also when we talk to you. Everyone at Hedgehog believes in talking to you in plain English and simple to get terms. We promise to explain things in clear and easy to understand ways. If you ever feel like you don’t get what we are saying - stop us and tell us to talk in plain English!

What is plain English? This means avoiding long, difficult to understand words and company jargon. It also means talking to the point and on a person-to-person level.

Extra help when needed
We can advise you on what to buy or what cover you may need. However, if you do need extra help due to your own unique situation you can ask us to take this into consideration. Some of our customers have difficulty reading or writing emails or online chats. You can ask us to give you a call back if you tell the person you are chatting with.